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Clever Care was founded to provide culturally sensitive healthcare solutions that offer our members better access to the services they need in the language they understand. We are committed to our members’ health and well-being by offering plans that connect the benefits of Eastern and Western medicine.

Join our growing community of over 1,000 broker partners. We offer competitive Medicare Advantage plans and provide comprehensive sales tools for motivated agents, who not only want to sell Medicare Advantage but want to improve the lives of their clients, and make a lasting difference in the communities we serve.

We are proud to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services and are dedicated to delivering best-in-class service to our members and agents.

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Britt Travis, 영업 부사장

Britt Travis

Vice President of Sales

Get Contracted with Clever Care

오늘 Clever Care 대리인/대행사 계약 절차를 시작하려면 아래 양식을 작성하십시오. 추가 정보를 위해 중개인 지원팀 직원이 연락을 드릴 것입니다. 계약 대리인이 되시면, 당사의 Broker 포털을 이용하여 Clever Care 사업 장부와 애플리케이션 상태를 추적하고 커미션 명세서를 확인할 수 있습니다. Broker 포털에는 온라인 가입, 마케팅 자료 등에 빠르게 액세스할 수 있는 링크 메뉴도 있습니다.

You can also get contracted by asking your upline agency (FMO) to initiate the contracting process with Clever Care. This is an online process.

Contracting Requirements

To be authorized to sell Clever Care Health Plan, you must complete and submit the following information to initiate the “Welcome” email.
Please submit the required information to our Broker Support Team at broker@ccmapd.com.

For Agencies:
Agency Profile Form

For Agents:
Your National Producer Number (NPN)
Email Address (where we will send your “Welcome” email)
Assignment of Commissions (if applicable)

연례 인증 요건

  1. Updated AHIP
  2. Completion of product training
  3. Up-to-date E&O
  4. Valid state insurance license

New Contract Request Form

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Agency Channel Leader
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Agency Channel Leader Orange | San Diego | Riverside

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Broker Account Executive

Loc Ha

Manager of Sales and Broker Development

Real Time Sales Information

Clever Care Health Plan has contracted with EvolveNXT, a leading vendor specializing in Broker Management. We are in the process of implementing the Evolve Portal, featuring on demand access to commission statements and book of business, agencies will have the ability to add, view and manage downline brokers and much more! We are excited about this new technology.

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